2023 Economic & Revenue Consensus Forecasting Conference Meeting

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Section 23 of the State Finance Law requires that the Chairperson and Ranking Minority Member of the Senate Finance Committee, the Chairperson and Ranking Minority Member of the Assembly Ways and Means Committee, and the Director of the Budget jointly convene a consensus economic and revenue forecasting conference in the form of a joint Legislative-Executive public hearing by the end of February each year for the purpose of assisting the Governor and the State Legislature in reaching the New York State Consensus Revenue Forecast.

The conveners of the Conference also invite the New York State Comptroller and other participants to the Conference who provide guidance on the current United States U.S. and New York State NYS economic conditions as well as the effect of these conditions on State receipts.

 In addition, on or before March 1 in each year, the Director of the Budget, the Secretary of the Senate Finance Committee and the Secretary of the Assembly Ways and Means Committee issue a joint report containing a consensus forecast of the economy and estimates of receipts for the current and the ensuing State Fiscal Year. 


Opening Remarks and Introductions:

Sandra L. Beattie, Acting Budget Director
NYS Division of the Budget
The Honorable Senator Andrew S. Gounardes, Chair
Senate Committee on Budget and Revenue
The Honorable Assemblywoman Helene E. Weinstein, Chair
Assembly Ways and Means Committee
The Honorable Senator Tom O’Mara, Ranking Minority Member
Senate Finance Committee
The Honorable Assemblyman Ed Ra, Ranking Minority Member
Assembly Ways and Means Committee
Maria Doulis, Deputy Comptroller
NYS Office of the State Comptroller

Chris Varvares, CBE, Vice President & Co-head US Economics; S&P Global
Hugh Johnson, Hugh Johnson Economics
Jason Bram, Federal Reserve Bank of New York
 Kajal Lahiri, University at Albany, State University of New York

Closing Remarks

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