Town hall meeting: The Prevention & Awareness of Mass Shootings

There will be a Town hall meeting on safety and active shooter preparedness in our public schools located at the Albert Tuitt Campus (921 E 228th, Bronx, NY 10466). 

Discussion/Training Topics Include:

  • NYC Conference Risk and Safety Training
  • NYPD Counterterrorism Training
  • Safety officers with/without armed weapons
  • School Procedures: lockdown, fire drills, exit doors, scanners, etc
  • Home planning in case of a fire or emergency


There will be a silent walk from the 47th Precinct to Albert Tuitt Campus before the Town hall meeting led by the Rev. Dr. Pickney Pastor of Butler Memorial Church, Rev. Dr. Calvin Kendrick, Bishop Angelo M. Rosario, Rev. Dr. Thompson, Bishop Michelle White, Rev. Goodman, Rev. Dr. Owen, Rev. Rabbi Dr. Elijah Thompson, and others. 

Participants are asked to meet at the 47th Precinct (4111 Laconia Ave, Bronx, NY 10466) at 4:30pm sharp. 

Participating churches include: Emmanuel 7th Day, Beulah church of God Day, Saint Luke’s Episcopal Church, Crawford Memorial Methodist Church, Holy Rosary Immaculate Church, Trinity Baptist Church, Light House Baptist, Butler Memorial Church, Greater Faith Church, North Bronx 7th Day Adventist Church, and others….

To RSVP or inquire further, contact:

Nancy Garay at (718) 547-8854 or 


This event is sponsored by: JADE, Trinity Parent Association, CEPBA, Senator Jamaal T. Bailey, AGOBE, Royal Coach Diner, Nissan Car Dealer, Superintendent, Pink Shoe, Hugh Campbell, The Eastwood Manor, RAIN, Lady Pamela, Ridgewood Bank. 


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