Senator Jamaal T. Bailey, Mayor Shawyn Patterson-Howard, Local Mount Vernon Officials Announce Over $3.1 Million In Funding Secured For The City Of Mount Vernon

Jamaal T. Bailey

December 22, 2023

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$3,144,601.50 million in capital grants allocated to the City of Mount Vernon for key initiatives to improve community safety and enhance quality of life

Mount Vernon, NY – Senator Jamaal T. Bailey, Mount Vernon Mayor Shawyn Patterson-Howard, and local Mount Vernon officials announced on Tuesday, December 21st, an investment of $3,144,601 million in funding for the City of Mount Vernon. This funding will spearhead facility upgrades at the Doles Recreation Center and bolster safety measures for the Mount Vernon Fire Department and Mount Vernon Police Department.

The allocation of a $273,200 grant to the Mount Vernon Fire Department will fund the purchase of critical equipment, including AED Machines, chainsaws, demolition saws, gas meters, rappel systems, structural firefighting boots, and a turnout gear HD washing machine. The allocation of a $168,050 grant to the Mount Vernon Police Department will allow the Department to acquire a new mobile police command vehicle.

The $2,703,351 grant awarded to the Mount Vernon Department of Recreation will provide for crucial upgrades, renovations, and construction projects at the Doles Recreation Center to improve facility lighting, windows, roofing, waterproofing, ceiling tiles, flooring, theater, second floor, kitchen, boxing gym, cafe, and senior room. These improvements will give the center a much-needed face lift and modernize the center for seniors and community members.

“This is an investment in public safety, community well-being, and the future of our city,” said Senator Jamaal  T. Bailey. “I am proud we were able to secure funds to restore our beloved Doles Recreation Center into a thriving community space and ensure the Mount Vernon Fire Department and the Mount Vernon Police Department have the resources they need to do their life-saving work ensuring the safety and security of our community. I want to thank Mayor Shawyn Patterson-Howard and my colleagues in government for their continued support and partnership as we work to shape a brighter and more prosperous future for the City of Mount Vernon and continue to deliver the investment that our great city deserves. Thank you Council Member Cathlin Gleason for her tireless advocacy and support in this process. This work would not be possible without the dedicated members of the Mount Vernon Police Department and Mount Vernon Fire Department, Commissioner Kathleen Walker-Pinckney and Director of Social and Community Services Sean Paul Wade, and the Mount Vernon Recreation Department.”

“As Mayor of Mount Vernon, I am profoundly grateful for the dedicated efforts of Senator Jamaal Bailey in securing $3.1 million for the advancement of our community,” said Mayor Shawyn Patterson-Howard. “This transformative support marks a pivotal moment in the ongoing development and enhancement of Mount Vernon, particularly benefiting our vital institutions – the Doles Center, Fire Department, and Police Department. Senator Bailey's advocacy transcends mere financial support; it reflects a shared vision for the prosperity of Mount Vernon. This collaboration between local and state leadership exemplifies the power of unified commitment to community growth. We look forward to the positive impact these funds will have on the fabric of Mount Vernon, creating a safer, more resilient, and vibrant environment for all residents.”

“Westchester County thanks Senator Jamaal Bailey for securing this crucial state funding, exemplifying the power of government working together to better the lives of those we serve,” said Westchester County Executive George Latimer. “This $3.1 million investment will enhance community safety and well-being in Mount Vernon, putting on full display the positive impact when leaders collaborate for the greater good.”

“The funding allocated to the Mount Vernon Police and Fire Departments as well as the Mount Vernon Doles Center is truly a testament of working together to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our community,” said Assemblyman Gary J. Pretlow. “It will prioritize public safety as well as revitalize our city thus building a stronger, more resilient Mount Vernon for years to come.”

“Happy and healthy neighborhoods don't appear out of nowhere,” said Congressman Jamaal Bowman Ed.D. (NY-16). “To cultivate and build them, we need spaces for people to gather and form community ties, as well as systems to keep everyone safe. I’m proud to say that in partnership with Senator Jamaal Bailey and Mayor Shawyn Patterson-Howard, we’ve secured over $3 million for Mount Vernon to do exactly that. These critical investments will foster togetherness and fulfillment for our Mount Vernon community through major updates to the Doles Recreation Center and funding for key public safety equipment. I’m excited to see these grants help Mount Vernon continue to thrive.”

We are profoundly grateful to Senator Jamaal Bailey for his steadfast commitment to Mount Vernon,” said Mount Vernon Council President, Danielle Browne, Esq. “His significant contributions, totaling $3.1 million, are not just funds – they are investments in the heart and soul of our community. The transformative grant for the Doles Recreation Center will not only revitalize a key community hub but also ensure it meets the highest standards of safety and energy efficiency. Moreover, the crucial support for our Fire and Police Departments enhances our emergency response capabilities, ensuring that our brave first responders are equipped with the latest tools to protect and serve. This generous allocation by Senator Bailey is a testament to his vision for a thriving, safe, and vibrant Mount Vernon. It’s a major step towards realizing our city’s full potential as the jewel of Westchester.”

As public safety chair for Mount Vernon City Council, I could not be happier for the investment in Fire safety equipment, tools and a Police mobile command unit,” said Mount Vernon Council Member Cathlin Gleason. “These items are a necessity that our department has been lacking in past years. Senator Bailey and our NYS partners have been amazing partners and advocates for Public safety. We are just so grateful they saw our passion and made this huge investment. These items will sustain our police and fire department for many years!”

“Mount Vernon Fire Department would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for your recent support in securing a grant for our local fire department,” said Mount Vernon Fire Department Commissioner Deborah Norman. “This grant will help in a tremendous way to begin the process of getting the department and its members in compliance with NFPA recommendations on all life safety equipment.”

“On behalf of Mayor Shawyn Patterson-Howard, The City of Mount Vernon and the Department of Recreation we are thankful for Senator Bailey and his continued support of the citizens of Mount Vernon,” said Mount Vernon Recreation Commissioner, Kathleen Walker-Pinckney. “This funding will allow for the necessary improvements of the Doles Center facilities as it continues to be a beacon of light and place where all ages and backgrounds can come together as a community for enrichment, enlightenment and entertainment.”

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