assembly Bill A2303

2009-2010 Legislative Session

Provides that food processing establishments shall include the operation of home wine makers centers

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Assembly Actions - Lowercase
Senate Actions - UPPERCASE
Apr 13, 2010 reported referred to ways and means
Feb 09, 2010 reported referred to codes
Jan 06, 2010 referred to agriculture
May 27, 2009 reported referred to ways and means
Feb 24, 2009 reported referred to codes
Jan 15, 2009 referred to agriculture

A2303 (ACTIVE) - Details

Law Section:
Agriculture and Markets Law
Laws Affected:
Amd §251-z-2, ren §251-z-13 to be §251-z-14, add §251-z-13, Ag & Mkts L; amd §§76, 76-a, 76-f & 83, ABC L
Versions Introduced in Other Legislative Sessions:
2011-2012: A7971
2013-2014: A1959
2015-2016: A1100

A2303 (ACTIVE) - Summary

Authorizes the operation of home wine makers centers as food processing establishments under the jurisdiction of the department of agriculture and markets; such centers are places where individuals pay a fee to use space and equipment for the purpose of making wine for personal household use and not for resale; authorizes wineries, farm wineries and micro-wineries to operate such a business.

A2303 (ACTIVE) - Bill Text download pdf

                    S T A T E   O F   N E W   Y O R K


                       2009-2010 Regular Sessions

                          I N  A S S E M B L Y

                            January 15, 2009

Introduced  by M. of A. MAGEE -- read once and referred to the Committee
  on Agriculture

AN ACT to amend the agriculture and markets law and the alcoholic bever-
  age control law, in relation to providing that food processing  estab-
  lishments shall include the operation of home wine makers centers


  Section 1. Subdivisions 3 and 4 of section 251-z-2 of the  agriculture
and  markets law, subdivision 3 as amended by chapter 507 of the laws of
1973 and subdivision 4 as added by chapter 863 of the laws of 1972,  are
amended and a new subdivision 5 is added to read as follows:
  3.  The  term  "food  processing  establishment" means any place which
receives food or food products for the purpose of processing  or  other-
wise  adding  to the value of the product for commercial sale, AND THOSE
CONSUMPTION AND NOT FOR COMMERCIAL SALE.  It includes, but is not limit-
ed to, bakeries, processing plants, beverage plants [and], food manufac-
tories,  AND  HOME  WINE  MAKERS  CENTERS.    However, the term does not
include: those establishments that process and manufacture food or  food
products  that  are  sold  exclusively  at retail for consumption on the
premises; those operations which cut meat and sell such meat  at  retail
on  the premises; bottled and bulk water facilities; those food process-
ing establishments which are covered by articles four,  four-a,  five-a,
five-b,  five-c,  five-d, seventeen-b, nineteen[, twenty-b,] and twenty-
one of this chapter;  service  food  establishments,  including  vending
machine commissaries, under permit and inspection by the [state] depart-
ment  of  health  or  by a local health agency which maintains a program
certified and approved by the [state] commissioner of health; establish-
ments under federal meat, poultry or egg product inspection;  or  estab-
lishments  engaged solely in the harvesting, storage, or distribution of
one or more raw agricultural commodities which are  ordinarily  cleaned,

 EXPLANATION--Matter in ITALICS (underscored) is new; matter in brackets
                      [ ] is old law to be omitted.