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This entry was published on 2022-12-23
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Public license query
Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) CHAPTER 3-B, ARTICLE 8
§ 110-c. Public license query. 1. The authority shall make available
to the public all digitally archived information pertaining to any
conditions it imposes on the operation of a premises licensed by the
authority pursuant to this chapter, including but not necessarily
limited to information pertaining to the hours during which the licensed
premises is allowed to operate, the maximum permitted occupancy of the
licensed premises, and any special conditions imposed by the authority
on the licensed premises.

2. The authority shall make available to the public on its website a
daily updated list or lists of all pending license applications. Such
list shall include the serial, certificate or other identifying number
assigned by the authority; the status of the application; the name of
the applicant; the complete address, including county, of the applied
for premises; the license type and class the applicant is seeking; the
date such application was received; based on the date submitted, an
estimated timeframe, specified as a date, for a determination on the
application. For any unreasonable delay that is caused solely by an
action of the authority, this timeframe will be updated; if the
authority has issued any temporary permit for the premises related to
the current application; and the final date of an applications

3. The authority shall maintain a record of the number of licenses
applied for and the length of time required for the approval or denial
of such licenses on its public website. Such records shall be updated at
least monthly by the authority.

4. The authority shall, where feasible and resources permitting,
develop or cause to be developed up-grades to their information
technology systems that will enable greater transparency for applicants
with respect to their application status and estimated processing times
for final determination on a license application.