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General Provisions
Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) CHAPTER 3-B

Section 100. Alcoholic beverages generally.

101. Manufacturers and wholesalers not to be interested in

retail places.

101-aa. Terms of sale.

101-aaa. Terms of sale; beer or wine products.

101-b. Unlawful discriminations prohibited; filing of

schedules; schedule listing fund.

102. General prohibitions and restrictions.

103. Provisions governing manufacturers.

104. Provisions governing wholesalers.

104-a. Provisions governing vendors.

105. Provisions governing licensees to sell at retail for

consumption off the premises.

105-b. Posting of certain signs.

106. Provisions governing licensees to sell at retail for

consumption on the premises.

106-a. Notice of arrest and convictions.

106-b. Provisions for governing sports facilities operators

and retail licenses to sell at certain sporting

events for consumption on premises.

107. Advertising and forms of notices of the issuance of


107-a. Labeling containers of alcoholic beverages.

108. Restrictions upon licensees.

109. Renewals of licenses and permits.

110. Information to be requested in applications for

licenses or permits.

110-a. Notice of application for certain licenses to be

published by applicant.

110-b. Notification to municipalities.

110-c. Public license query.

111. License to be confined to premises licensed.

112. Bonds of licensees and permittees.

113. Premises for which no license shall be granted.

114. Licenses, publication, general provisions.

114-a. License or permit issuance and registration approval.

115. Rules need not be uniform.

116. Deliveries of alcoholic beverages.

117. Transportation of alcoholic beverages.

117-a. Unlimited drink offerings prohibited.

117-b. Possession or use of alcohol vaporizing devices


118. Revocation of licenses for cause.

119. Procedure for revocation or cancellation.

120. Decisions by liquor authority.

120-a. Corporate change; hearing on application.

121. Review by courts.

122. Continuance of business by receiver or other


123. Injunction for unlawful manufacturing, sale or

consumption of liquor, wine or beer.

124. Liquor authority to be necessary party to certain


125. Disposition of moneys received for license fees.

126. Persons forbidden to traffic in alcoholic beverages.

127. Surrender and cancellation of licenses; payment of

refunds; notice to police officials.

127-a. Surrender and cancellation of permits; payment of

refunds; notice to police officials.

127-b. Payment of refunds on special permits and notice to

police officers.

127-c. Refunds on licenses and permits erroneously or

unlawfully cancelled, revoked or suspended.

127-d. Refunds on over-payment of fees; permit not issued.

128. Certain officials not to be interested in manufacture

or sale of alcoholic beverages.

128-a. Police officers allowed to work in licensed premises in

certain cases.

128-b. Police officers allowed to serve as an officer of a

volunteer firefighters' organization.

128-c. Police officers allowed to serve as an officer of

veterans' organization.

129. Surrender of license; notice to police officials.

130. Penalties for violations of chapter.

131. New York alcoholic beverage control problem premises

task force.