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Review by courts
Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) CHAPTER 3-B, ARTICLE 8
§ 121. Review by courts. The following actions by the liquor authority
shall be subject to review by the supreme court in the manner provided
in article seventy-eight of the civil practice law and rules provided
that no stay shall be granted pending the determination of the matter
except on notice to the liquor authority and for a period not exceeding
thirty days:

1. Refusal by the liquor authority to issue a license or a permit.

2. The revocation, cancellation or suspension of a license or permit
by the liquor authority.

3. The failure or refusal by the liquor authority to render a decision
within the time required by section one hundred twenty of this article.

4. The transfer by the liquor authority of a license or permit to any
other premises, or the failure or refusal by the liquor authority to
approve such a transfer.

5. The issuance of an order of warning by the liquor authority.

6. Refusal to approve alteration of premises.

7. Refusal to approve a corporate change in stockholders,
stockholdings, officers or directors.

8. Refusal by the liquor authority to grant permission for an
additional bar pursuant to subdivision four of section one hundred of
this chapter.