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This entry was published on 2024-04-28
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Special Permits
Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) CHAPTER 3-B

Section 90. Kinds of permits.

91. Industrial alcohol permit.

91-a. Industrial alcohol manufacturers' permits.

92. Alcohol permit.

92-a. Alcohol distributors' permits.

93. Solicitor's permit.

93-a. Broker's permit.

94. Trucking permit.

95. Drug store permit.

96. Warehouse permit.

96-a. Bottling permit.

96-b. Reconditioning permit.

97. Temporary beer and wine permit.

97-a. Temporary retail permit.

97-b. Sale of alcoholic beverages at the New York state fair.

97-c. Temporary manufacturing permit.

97-d. Temporary wholesale permit.

98. Caterer's permit.

99. Special permit to remain open during certain hours of the


99-a. Charitable permits.

99-b. Miscellaneous permits.

99-d. Miscellaneous fees.

99-e. Change in duration of permits.

99-f. Special permits for minors to entertain.

99-g. Sale of privately held wines and liquors.

99-h. Sunday on-premises sales permit.