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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Special permits for minors to entertain
Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) CHAPTER 3-B, ARTICLE 7
§ 99-f. Special permits for minors to entertain. The liquor authority
is hereby authorized to issue special permits to any person under the
age of eighteen years for the purpose of enabling such person to appear
as an entertainer on any premises licensed for retail sale hereunder.
The provisions of this section shall apply to persons under the age of
eighteen years who are not otherwise eligible to act as an entertainer
pursuant to the provisions of subdivision two-b of section one hundred
of this chapter. Such special permit shall be issued, in the discretion
of the authority, upon the application of such minor. No such special
permit shall be granted unless the written consent of both parents or
the lawful guardian or guardians of such minor shall appear upon such
application. The liquor authority may require the personal appearance at
an office of the authority of such applicant and his parents or legal
guardians at the time such application is made or at any other time
prior to the consideration of such application by the authority upon
written notice to the applicant and/or his parents or legal guardians.
Such personal appearance, if requested, shall be for the purpose of
enabling the authority to establish that the entertainment that the
applicant is intending to perform is not contrary to the best interests
of the minor. The liquor authority is hereby authorized and directed to
promulgate rules and regulations for the orderly implementation and
administration of the provisions of this section. Such rules and
regulations shall provide for a reasonable limitation upon the types of
entertainment for which an application for a special permit shall be
granted and may provide for conditions or limitations which may be
attached to the granting of such special permit. In addition to any
conditions or limitations as may be so imposed, such rules or
regulations shall impose as a condition for the granting of such special
permit that a parent or legal guardian of the minor shall be present
during such minor's appearance as an entertainer. Such special permit
shall be subject to revocation, after a hearing upon a determination by
the authority that the conditions or limitations attached upon such
special permit have been violated. Such special permits shall be issued
for limited periods not to exceed one year. The liquor authority may
impose a fee for the issuance of such special permit. Such fee shall not
exceed sixty-four dollars if issued for an annual period nor shall such
fee exceed six dollars per month or any lesser period thereof for which
a special permit has been issued. The liquor authority may waive such
fee. The liquor authority shall revoke any special permit upon the
written request of the parents or legal guardians of such minor.