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This entry was published on 2022-12-02
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Miscellaneous Unclaimed Property
Abandoned Property (ABP) CHAPTER 1

Section 1300. Unclaimed surplus from sale of pledged property.

1301. Unclaimed surplus from sale of pledge.

1304. Unclaimed personal property of persons in certain state


1305. Unclaimed surplus moneys after recovery of cost of public

assistance and care.

1306. Abandoned property resulting from the administration of

the vehicle and traffic law.

1307. Unclaimed proceeds from the sale of wrecked property.

1308. Unclaimed wages.

1309. Uncashed travelers checks and money orders.

1310. Voluntary disposition of miscellaneous property not

otherwise subject to this chapter.

1311. Unclaimed moneys erroneously collected by utility

corporations on account of taxes.

1312. Unclaimed amounts or securities held by foreign

corporations not authorized to do business in the state

of New York.

1313. Unclaimed property held by sales finance companies and

insurance premium finance agencies.

1314. Unclaimed consumer credit balances.

1315. Miscellaneous unclaimed property.

1316. Unclaimed insurance proceeds other than life insurance.

1317. Unclaimed security deposits held by the title insurance


1318. Unclaimed spousal and child support.

1319. Unclaimed virtual currency.