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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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General Provisions
Abandoned Property (ABP) CHAPTER 1

Section 1400. Statutes of limitations not a bar.

1401. Comptroller to maintain public record.

1402. Publication of abandoned property by state comptroller.

1403. Sale of personal property by state comptroller.

1404. Assumption of liability by the state; return of property

erroneously paid to state comptroller.

1405. Accrual of interest after payment of abandoned property

to the state comptroller.

1406. Claims for abandoned property heretofore or hereafter

paid to the state.

1407. Payment by comptroller.

1409. Payment for publication.

1410. Designation of newspapers.

1411. Waiver of publication.

1412. Penalty, interest and special proceedings.

1412-a. Retention of books and records.

1413. Penalty for fraudulent returns.

1414. Comptroller to make regulations.

1415. Deduction of certain charges.

1416. Restriction on agreement to locate and/or retrieve

abandoned property.

1417. Agreements with other states.

1418. Property for New York residents held by other states.

1419. Reporting of abandoned property in the aggregate.

1420. Property held by agricultural cooperative corporations.

1421. Property held by rural electric cooperatives.

1422. Mailing of notice to owners of record.