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This entry was published on 2021-06-18
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Change of office location
Arts and Cultural Affairs (ACA) CHAPTER 11-C, TITLE G, ARTICLE 25
* § 25.21. Change of office location. In the event of a change in the
location of the premises covered by license or certificate issued under
this article, the department of state shall be duly notified in writing
of such change within twenty-four hours thereafter. The secretary of
state shall cause to be written or stamped across the face of such
license or certificate a statement to the effect that the holder of such
license has removed on the date stated in such written notice such
principal office, branch office, bureau, agency or sub-agency from the
place originally described in such license or certificate to the place
described in such written notice, and such license or certificate with
the endorsement thereon shall be returned to the licensee named therein.
No tickets shall be sold at any place other than places for which a
license or certificate provided for by this article has been issued and

* NB Effective until July 1, 2022

* § 25.21. Records of purchases and sales. Every licensee shall at all
times keep full and accurate sets of records showing the prices at which
all tickets have been bought and sold by such licensee and the names and
addresses of the person, firm or corporation from whom they were bought.

* NB Effective July 1, 2022