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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Local government records management program
Arts and Cultural Affairs (ACA) CHAPTER 11-C, TITLE U, ARTICLE 57-A
§ 57.19. Local government records management program. The governing
body, and the chief executive official where one exists, shall promote
and support a program for the orderly and efficient management of
records, including the identification and appropriate administration of
records with enduring value for historical or other research. Each
local government shall have one officer who is designated as records
management officer. This officer shall coordinate the development of and
oversee such program and shall coordinate legal disposition, including
destruction of obsolete records. In towns, the town clerk shall be the
records management officer. In fire districts, the district secretary
shall be the records management officer. In villages, the village clerk
shall be the records management officer. In other units of government,
except where the governing body shall have enacted a local law or
ordinance establishing a records management program and designating a
records management officer prior to the date that this article shall
take effect, the chief executive official shall designate a local
officer to be records management officer, subject to the approval of the
governing body.