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Local government records advisory council
Arts and Cultural Affairs (ACA) CHAPTER 11-C, TITLE U, ARTICLE 57-A
§ 57.21. Local government records advisory council. The commissioner
of education shall appoint a local government records advisory council
consisting of representatives of local government associations,
historians, the chief administrative judge, the commissioner of the
department of records and information services of the city of New York
or its successor agency, other users of local government records, and
other citizens. The city clerk of the city of New York shall be a
non-voting members of such advisory council. The council shall advise
the commissioner of education concerning local government records
policies and procedures, state services and financial support needed to
assist or advise local officials, and regulations pertaining to local
government records, and grants for local government records management
improvement pursuant to section 57.35 of this chapter. The advisory
council shall prepare an initial report on the above matters by December
first, nineteen hundred eighty-seven to be provided to the commissioner
of education, the governor, and appropriate committees of the
legislature. The commissioner of education shall not promulgate
regulations for the administration and maintenance of local government
records before July first, nineteen hundred eighty-eight except with
prior consultation with and review by the advisory council.