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This entry was published on 2017-12-22
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Identification of dogs
Agriculture & Markets (AGM) CHAPTER 69, ARTICLE 7
§ 111. Identification of dogs. 1. Each dog licensed pursuant to
subdivision one of section one hundred nine of this article shall be
assigned, at the time the dog is first licensed, a municipal
identification number. Such identification number shall be carried by
the dog on an identification tag which shall be affixed to a collar on
the dog at all times, provided that a municipality may exempt dogs
participating in a dog show during such participation.

2. No tag carrying an identification number shall be affixed to the
collar of any dog other than the one to which that number has been

3. A municipality offering a purebred license may provide a licensee,
at his or her expense, any number of tags imprinted with the same number
as the purebred license. One such tag shall be affixed to the collar of
each dog harbored pursuant to the purebred license at all times,
provided that municipalities may exempt dogs participating in a dog show
during such participation. Such a tag shall be affixed only to the
collar of a dog owned by the holder of the purebred license and harbored
on his premises.

4. A municipality offering a license for any guide dog, service dog,
hearing dog, therapy dog or detection dog may issue a special tag for
identifying such dog, provided that such tag shall be in addition to the
identification tag required by subdivision one of this section. The
municipality may prescribe the shape, size, color, and form of imprint
of the tag which shall be a different color and shape than the standard
identification tag. Upon application, the commissioner shall furnish
such tags without payment of a fee.