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Agriculture & Markets
AN ACT in relation to agriculture and markets, constituting chapter

sixty-nine of the consolidated laws.
Became a law February 27, 1922, with the approval of the Governor.

Passed, three-fifths being present.

The People of the State of New York, represented in Senate and
Assembly, do enact as follows:


Article 1. Short title; definitions; matters of public interest

(§§ 1-3).

2. Department of agriculture and markets; jurisdiction;

general powers and duties (§§ 4-28).

2-A. Division of the New York State Fair (§§ 31--31-c).

2-C. Community gardens (§§ 31-g--31-i).

3. Investigation; practice and procedure; violations;

penalties (§§ 32--45-c).

4. Dairy products (§§ 46-71).

4-A. Frozen desserts (§§ 71-a--71-k).

4-B. Milk sanitation (§§ 71-l--71-o).

4-C. Foreign dairy products (§§ 71-u--71-x).

4-D. Liability for canned, perishable food or farm products

distributed free of charge (§§ 71-y--71-z).

5. Diseases of domestic animals; calves and veal; pure

bred stock; certificates of registry (§§ 72-96).

5-A. Licensing of slaughterhouses (§§ 96-a--96-f).

5-B. Sale of meat (§§ 96-g--96-w).

5-C. Licensing of rendering plants (§§ 96-x--96-z-12).

5-D. Sale of poultry and poultry products

(§§ 96-z-21--96-z-36).

6-A. Indemnification for rabies (§§ 105-c--105-j).

7. Licensing, identification and control of dogs

(§§ 106-125).

7-A. Mink and ranch fox farming (§§ 127-a--127-b).

8. Manufacture and distribution of commercial feed

(§§ 128--135-g).

9. Inspection and sale of seeds (§§ 136--142-a).

9-A. Sale of agricultural liming materials

(§§ 142-aa--142-hh).

10. Sale and analysis of commercial fertilizer

(§§ 143--146-f).

10-A. Prevention of fraud in sale of soil and plant

inoculants (§§ 147-a--147-i).

11. Integrated pest management program (§§ 148-149).

11-A. Agricultural environmental management

(§§ 150--151-j).

11-B. Soil health and climate resiliency (§§ 151-l--151-o).

12. Adulteration and sale of turpentine and linseed oil

(§§ 152-156).

12-A. Grading of farm products (§§ 156-c--156-i).

13. (Enacted without Article heading) (§§ 157-160).

13-A. (Enacted without Article heading) (§§ 160-a--160-e).

13-B. (Enacted without Article heading) (§§ 160-h--160-k).

13-C. Lettuce (§§ 160-p--160-t).

13-D. Manufacture, distribution and sale of maple syrup and

sugar (§ 160-u).

13-E. Prohibition of dumping certain agricultural products

(§ 160-v).

14. Prevention and control of disease in trees and plants;

insect pests; sale of fruit-bearing trees

(§§ 161--169-c).

14-A. Sale and distribution of lye and other caustic

substances (§§ 170--172-e).

15. Bee diseases (§§ 173--175-b).

15-A. Sales of baby chicks (§§ 175-m--175-r).

16. Weights and measures (§§ 176--197-b).

17. Adulteration, packing, and branding of food and food

products (§§ 198--214-o).

17-A. Enrichment of certain foods (§§ 215--215-c).

17-B. Licensing of food salvagers (§§ 216-222).

18. Wood products development (§ 225).

18-A. Natural fiber textile development (§ 226).

19. Refrigerated warehouses and locker plants

(§§ 230-243).

20. Licensing of farm products dealers (§§ 244--250-k)

20-C. Licensing of food processing establishments

(§§ 251-z-1--25l-z-13).

21. Milk control (§§ 252--258-r).

21-AA. Dairy promotion act (§ 258-aa).

21-B. Dry milk powder control (§§ 258-bb--258-ii).

21-C. Northeast Interstate Dairy Compact

(§§ 258-kk--258-nn).

22. Farmers' markets (§§ 259-263).

23. Direct marketing (§§ 281--284-a).

24. Promotion of agriculture and domestic arts;

agricultural societies (§§ 286-290).

25-A. Food and agricultural industry development

(§§ 296-297)

25-AA. Agricultural districts (§§ 300-310).

25-AAA. Agricultural and farmland protection programs

(§§ 321-326).

25-AAAA. Farmland Viability Program (§§ 327-330).

25-B. Abandoned animals (§§ 331-332).

26. Animals (§§ 350-385).

26-A. Care of animals by pet dealers (§§ 400-408).

26-B. Emergency response services for animals (§§ 410-411).

26-C. Regulation of animal shelters (§§ 420-434).

27. Nourish New York (§§ 450-452).

28. Special powers and duties of the department with

respect to retail food stores, food service

establishments and food warehouses (§ 500).

29. Growth of hemp (§§ 505-521).

30. Saving clauses; laws repealed; when to take effect

(§§ 550-555).