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Diseases of Domestic Animals; Calves and Veal; Pure Bred Stock; Certificates of Registry
Agriculture & Markets (AGM) CHAPTER 69

Diseases of Domestic Animals; Calves and Veal; Pure Bred Stock;

Certificates of Registry.
Section 72. Control and suppression of disease.

72-a. Feeding of garbage, offal or carcasses to cattle, swine or

poultry prohibited.

73. Report of disease.

73-a. Unlawful sale of tuberculous cattle.

73-b. The New York state veterinary diagnostic laboratory.

74. Regulations relating to importation.

75. Sanitary regulations.

76. Quarantine on animals or premises.

77. Examination by veterinarian prerequisite to destruction of


78. Examination of domestic animals.

79. Examination at request of owner; segregation; grading of


80. Certificate to healthy herds.

81. Sale, removal or slaughter of animals affected with


82. Appraisers.

83. Appraisal of diseased animals.

85. Destruction of animals; disposition of carcasses.

86. Post-mortem examination of animals.

87. Payments for animals killed.

87-a. Domestic fowl and fertile eggs thereof.

88. Indemnity.

89. Control of vaccines, serums and other preparations.

90. Examination of cattle for Bang's disease.

90-a. Declaration of policy and purposes.

90-b. Definitions.

90-c. Prohibitions.

90-d. Application and permit fees.

90-e. Refusing and revoking permits.

90-f. Proceedings to review.

90-g. Records.

90-h. Violations; remedies.

91. Hog cholera and pseudorabies control; indemnity.

95. Protecting the breeding of pure bred stock.

95-a. Animal ear tags or other identification.

95-b. False pedigree of animals.

95-c. Examination of horses for equine infectious anemia.

96. Certificates of registry of domestic animals.