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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Sanitary regulations
Agriculture & Markets (AGM) CHAPTER 69, ARTICLE 5
§ 75. Sanitary regulations. The commissioner may adopt and enforce
rules regulating the sanitation and physical requirements of stables,
livestock auction buildings or other buildings used for the housing of
domestic animals for the purpose of preventing the spread of infection
and contagion among such animals and may provide for the inspection and
examination of such stables and buildings. The commissioner may adopt
and enforce rules concerning the equipment for and the method of the
sanitary production of milk and may provide for the examination and
scoring of dairies in accordance with such rules. He may also prescribe
such rules as may be necessary for disinfecting and cleaning premises,
buildings, railway cars, boats and other objects, from or by means of
which infection or contagion of animals may be spread or conveyed.
Vehicles used for the transportation of livestock shall be cleaned and
disinfected at least weekly, or as otherwise directed by the
commissioner, with a disinfectant approved by the commissioner.
Vehicles used by a farmer in transporting his own livestock need not be
cleaned and disinfected as prescribed by the preceding sentence unless
directed by the commissioner.