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Quarantine on animals or premises
Agriculture & Markets (AGM) CHAPTER 69, ARTICLE 5
§ 76. Quarantine on animals or premises. 1. The commissioner, any
department employed veterinarian authorized by the commissioner, any
veterinarian in the employ of the United States department of
agriculture who is working in this state in connection with disease
control programs cooperatively conducted by the United States department
of agriculture and the department, or, when acting under the direction
of any department employed veterinarian authorized by the commissioner
to provide such direction, any accredited veterinarian and any licensed
veterinary technician in the employ of the department may order any
animal to be put in quarantine if such animal (a) is affected with
communicable disease, (b) has been exposed to a communicable disease,
(c) is believed to be suffering from or exposed to a communicable
disease, or (d) is suspected of having biological or chemical residues
in its tissues which would cause the carcass or carcasses of such
animal, if slaughtered, to be adulterated within the meaning of this
chapter, and may order any premises or farm where such disease or
condition exists or shall have recently existed to be put in quarantine
so that no domestic animal shall be removed from or brought to the
premises quarantined during the time of quarantine. The commissioner
shall prescribe such regulations affecting animals, persons or property
as he may deem necessary or expedient to prevent the dissemination of
the disease or condition from the premises so quarantined.

2. Any employee of the department so authorized by the commissioner
may impose pursuant to subdivision one hereof a quarantine (a) upon
cattle, swine or poultry whenever there is a reasonable cause to believe
that such animals have been fed garbage, offal or carcasses in violation
of section seventy-two-a of this chapter and (b) upon any horse required
to have been tested in accordance with section ninety-five-c of this
chapter if the custodian of such animal does not produce for examination
a negative test certificate.

3. Whenever the owner of any bovine animal refuses or neglects to have
any such animal tuberculin tested or whenever the owner of any domestic
animal of a species for which a disease control program has been adopted
and instituted by the commissioner pursuant to this article refuses or
neglects to subject such animal to such tests or examinations as may
have been established under such disease control program, the
commissioner may order the premises or farm on which such animal is
harbored to be put in quarantine so that no animal of the same species
shall be removed from or brought to the premises quarantined, and so
that no product of such animals on the premises so quarantined shall be
removed from the said premises. Nothing provided in this section shall
prevent the addition of new animals to a herd under quarantine or the
removal for immediate slaughter of any animals from the premises or herd
quarantined if such addition or removal is by written permission of the
commissioner and pursuant to rules and regulations adopted by him.