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Weights and Measures
Agriculture & Markets (AGM) CHAPTER 69

Section 176. Declaration of policy and purpose.

177. Authorized systems of weights and measures; basic units.

178. Physical standards of weights and measures.

179. Powers and duties of the commissioner.

180. Municipal directors of weights and measures.

181. Powers and duties of municipal directors; prosecution for

violations; local fees.

182. Notification and use of weighing and measuring devices.

183. Sealing of approved devices.

184. Condemnation, seizure or repair of false devices.

185. Stop-use, stop-removal and removal orders.

186. Possession and use of false devices; responsibility.

187. Oscillation of weighing devices.

188. Service charge based on quantity.

189. Method of sale of commodities generally.

190. Method of sale of food and food products.

190-a. Home food service plan sales.

190-b. Sale of meat in bulk or on a gross or hanging weight


191. Standardized packaging.

192. Sale and delivery of petroleum products.

192-a. Fuel octane labelling requirements.

192-b. Fuel lead content labelling and requirements.

192-c. Motor fuel standards and labelling; cetane rating of

diesel fuel; alcohol content.

192-e. Sale and delivery of liquefied petroleum gas.

192-f. Bulk sales or transportation; coal and coke.

192-g. Methyl tertiary butyl ether; prohibited.

192-h. Alternate generated power source at retail gasoline


193. Fair packaging and labeling of containers.

194. False labels.

195. Licensing of weighmasters; duties.

195-a. Weight tickets issued in other states.

196. Statewide uniformity.

197. Construction of contracts.

197-a. Weights and measures fees.

197-b. Retail pricing accuracy.