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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Licensing of weighmasters; duties
Agriculture & Markets (AGM) CHAPTER 69, ARTICLE 16
§ 195. Licensing of weighmasters; duties. 1. No person shall act as a
weighmaster, issue or sign any weight tickets, or carry out any
functions of a weighmaster unless licensed pursuant to this section.

2. Upon application, a weighmaster's license may be issued by the
commissioner to an employee of a person, firm, partnership or
corporation whose business requires, by contract or otherwise, that
materials or commodities manufactured, produced, distributed, sold or
handled by such person, firm, partnership or corporation be weighed by a
licensed weighmaster; or such license may be issued to an individual
engaged in the weighing of materials or commodities. The applicant shall
furnish satisfactory evidence of good character and of ability to weigh
accurately and to make correct weight tickets. He shall also furnish
evidence that he owns, leases or has access to a stationary scale within
the state suitable for weighing the materials or commodities to be
weighed by him or that he is regularly employed by a person, firm,
partnership or corporation who owns, leases or has access to such a
scale which has been tested and sealed by the weights and measures
official charged with such duty. The applicant shall pay a fee of
fifteen dollars. A license shall be for a period not exceeding three
years and may be renewed in the discretion of the commissioner upon
payment of the fee aforesaid. Such license shall be kept at the place
where the weighmaster is engaged in weighing and shall be open to
inspection. An application may be denied or a license may be revoked by
the commissioner, after a hearing upon due notice to the applicant or
licensee, for dishonesty, incompetency, inaccuracy or a violation of the
provisions of this article or the rules and regulations adopted pursuant

3. Each weight ticket issued by a weighmaster shall contain the date,
full signature and license number of the weighmaster.

4. Each weighmaster shall retain for a period of one year a copy of
every weight ticket he has issued.

5. No weighmaster shall make or issue a false or incorrect weight
ticket, nor shall any person solicit him to do so. No person shall
knowingly use a false or incorrect weight ticket. No weighmaster shall
permit any weight ticket to be issued or used which purports to bear his
signature and was not in fact signed by him, or which expresses a weight
not ascertained by him.