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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Sealing of approved devices
Agriculture & Markets (AGM) CHAPTER 69, ARTICLE 16
§ 183. Sealing of approved devices. 1. Whenever any weights and
measures official inspects any weighing or measuring device or system
and finds that it corresponds with, or causes it to correspond with, the
standards in his possession, and further finds that it meets the
specifications, tolerances and variations allowable as established by
the commissioner, he or she shall attach an appropriate official seal to
such device or system, or a security seal, as appropriate for purposes
of this subdivision. The term "official seal" shall mean an approval
notice, decal or label affixed to a device or system indicating that the
device or system has been inspected by a weights and measures official
and found to be in compliance as described in this section. The term
"security seal" shall mean a wire or paper seal or similar nonreusable
closure or an electronic audit trail, used to indicate that
modifications or adjustments have been made to a device or system.

2. No person, except a weights and measures official, shall remove any
official seal or security seal from any such weighing or measuring
device or system, or obliterate or deface any such seal or cause any of
the foregoing, except that the device owner, or his or her agent, may
remove a seal to perform repairs and maintenance provided that he or
she: (a) has first notified the appropriate municipal director of
weights and measures as set forth in section one hundred eighty-two of
this article; (b) otherwise complies with section one hundred eighty-two
of this article; and (c) in the case of a security seal, replaces it
with an equivalent security seal.

3. All users of commercial weighing or measuring devices or systems
shall permit the inspection and testing of the same by any weights and
measures official for the purpose of emplacing or examining such seals.