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Adulteration, Packing, and Branding of Food and Food Products
Agriculture & Markets (AGM) CHAPTER 69


Section 198. Definitions.

199. Application of article.

199-a. Prohibition as to adulterated or misbranded food.

199-b. Powers and duties of commissioner respecting food

additives and color additives.

199-c. Disposing of tainted food.

199-d. Prohibition as to sulfites.

199-e. Prohibition as to sale of irradiated foods.

199-f. Food allergies notice in food service establishments.

200. Adulteration of food.

201. Misbranding of food.

201-a. Kosher food and food products; packaging.

201-b. Retail sale of kosher food or food products.

201-c. Persons certifying as kosher; filing with department.

201-d. Notice of violation.

201-e. Halal food and food products; packaging.

201-f. Retail sale of halal food or food products.

201-g. Persons certifying as halal; filing with department.

201-h. Notice of violation.

201-i. Misbranding of certain fish species.

202. Unavoidable added poisonous or deleterious substances.

202-a. False advertising.

202-b. Seizure and quarantine.

202-c. Proceedings to review, violations and remedies.

203. Manufacture and sale of imitation maple, birch, walnut or

beech sugar and syrup prohibited.

204. Branding and labeling of maple, birch, walnut or beech

sugar and syrup mixtures.

204-a. Olive oil mixtures.

204-b. Foods containing fats and/or oils.

204-c. Prepared horseradish.

204-d. Adulteration of natural fruit juices.

205. Defining honey.

206. Relative to selling a commodity in imitation or semblance

of honey.

207. Definition of vinegars and adulterated vinegars.

208. Manufacture and sale of misbranded vinegar prohibited.

209. Packages containing vinegar to be branded.

210. Packaging in the shape of firearms.

210-a. Pork processing.

213. Repacking fruit and farm produce.

214. Guaranty established.

214-a. Samples.

214-b. Regulations.

214-c. (Enacted without section heading).

214-d. Legislative finding and declaration of policy.

214-e. Temporary marketing and manufacturing permits.

214-f. Temperature requirements for manufacture, transportation

and storage of certain foods.

214-g. Labeling of certain frozen foods.

214-h. Unit pricing.

214-j. Small quantities of fruits and vegetables.

214-k. Sale and labeling of charcoal.

214-l. Sale of talc coated rice prohibited.

214-m. Labeling of certain food products.

214-n. Treatment and sale of apple cider.

214-o. Labeling requirements for fish wholesalers.