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Investigation; Practice and Procedure; Violations; Penalties
Agriculture & Markets (AGM) CHAPTER 69

Investigation; Practice and Procedure; Violations; Penalties.
Section 32. Investigations and proceedings.

33. Immunity of witnesses.

34. Practice on hearings; attendance and examination of


35. Proceedings in court.

36. Orders and service thereof.

36-a. Petition for revocation or modification of rule or order

of the commissioner.

37. Review by court.

38. When injunction may be obtained.

38-a. Costs and expenses relating to extraordinary sanitary

reinspection services.

39. Penalties for violation of chapter or other laws.

40. Penalty for violation of rule or order.

40-a. Deposit of money.

41. Violation of chapter a misdemeanor.

42. Act of officer or agent deemed act of principal.

43. Evidence.

44. Prosecution for penalties.

45. Disposal of fines and moneys recovered.

45-a. Refunds.

45-b. Unauthorized possession, sale, or exchange of food order

stamps issued under food stamp plan.

45-c. Misuse of food commodities donated by the United States.