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Investigations and proceedings
Agriculture & Markets (AGM) CHAPTER 69, ARTICLE 3
§ 32. Investigations and proceedings. 1. The commissioner, or any
officer of the department when authorized by the commissioner, may
investigate and report as to all matters within or pertaining to the
powers and jurisdiction of the department, and for the purposes of
carrying into effect the provisions of this chapter or of any other law
relative to matters within its jurisdiction and the rules of the

2. Proceedings may be instituted before the commissioner against a
corporation, association or person upon the written complaint of any
person or corporation aggrieved complaining of practices in the
production, sale, transportation, purchase, storage, marketing and
distribution of foods, in violation of any provision of law or the rules
of the department or of the terms of an order issued pursuant to law by
the commissioner, under the provisions of this chapter or of any other
law the enforcement of which is within the jurisdiction of the
department, or the rules of the department, made in conformity

3. Upon the presentation of such complaint the commissioner may cause
inquiries to be made as to the matters alleged therein and if such
complaint appears to present a sufficient cause for investigation a copy
of such complaint shall be forwarded to the person, association or
corporation complained of and answer may be made thereto in accordance
with the rules of the department.

4. The commissioner shall thereupon cause the charges presented by
such complaint to be investigated as herein provided, and such action
shall be taken as the facts justify and as may be authorized by law.