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Dairy Products
Agriculture & Markets (AGM) CHAPTER 69

Dairy Products.
Section 46. Declaration of policy.

46-a. Regulations.

47. Care and feed of cows, and care and keeping of milk.

47-a. Regulating the handling and sale of products made from

recovered milk fat and solids.

48. Receptacles to be cleansed before returning; receptacles

may be seized; evidence; violation.

49. Insanitary cans and receptacles condemned.

50-e. Legislative finding and declaration of policy.

50-f. Definitions and standards of identity.

50-g. Licenses to manufacturers of melloream.

50-h. Entry, inspection and investigation.

50-i. Labeling of melloream and vegetable oil blends.

50-j. Serving melloream, vegetable oil blends and cream in

restaurants and other public eating places.

50-k. Rules and regulations.

51. Milk inspection.

52. Presumptions in regard to cream and skim milk.

54. Regulations in regard to manufactories, plants or places

where milk or cream is brought or received.

55. Skimmed milk, whey, buttermilk or milk container or plant

equipment rinsings to be heated before being used for


56. Determination of the content of milk and/or cream where

purchase or settlement therefor is made on the basis of

such content.

56-a. Taking of composite sample; record of tests.

56-b. Determination of bacteria in milk and/or cream where

purchase or settlement is made therefor on the basis of

bacterial count.

57. Licensing of persons in charge of milk-gathering stations,

manufactories or plants; licensing of persons sampling

milk and/or cream and/or determining weight or volume of

milk and/or cream; and of persons making milk component


57-a. Licensing of persons making bacterial counts of milk

and/or cream or making tests of milk and/or cream to

detect certain abnormalities.

59. Powers of the department concerning oleomargarine.

61. Manufacture, sale, and use of oleomargarine.

62. Coloring matter, dairy terms, size of package, labeling,

false advertising.

63. Labeling of imitation cheese; imitation cheese food and

products containing imitation cheese.

67. Manufacturers identification markings and grade brands for


67-b. Pasteurization of cheese.

68. Use of false brand prohibited.

69. County trade marks.

70. Branded cans, jars, bottles, cases, boxes or barrels not

to be sold, remarked or used without consent of owner.

71. Registration of mark; defacing mark; seizure.