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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Labeling of melloream and vegetable oil blends
Agriculture & Markets (AGM) CHAPTER 69, ARTICLE 4
§ 50-i. Labeling of melloream and vegetable oil blends. Whenever the
brand name of melloream or a vegetable oil blend, as defined in section
fifty-f, appears on the container so conspicuously as to be seen under
customary conditions of purchase, there shall immediately and
conspicuously precede or follow the brand name or product designation
without intervening written, printed or graphic matter in letters at
least one-third of the size of the brand name and on a contrasting
background, any one of the following statements: "melloream," "a
vegetable blend," "a vegetable oil product," "not a dairy product," and
the words "milk," "cream," "half and half," or "a mixture of milk and
cream" shall not be used on the package label of melloream or vegetable
oil blends except to the extent that there shall also appear on the
label an accurate list of ingredients. In the event that a product under
this section shall contain an ingredient which has been derived from
milk or a milk by-product or during its formation has used milk or a
milk by-product, the ingredient labeling shall after specifying the name
of the ingredient, place in parentheses the words "milk derived".

Persons or corporations offering such products for sale shall upon
request by the commissioner submit to him evidence in support of any
nutritional claims made for such products through advertising, labeling
or public announcement, and failure to submit such evidence or to revise
such claims in the manner suggested by the commissioner shall be
presumed to be a misbranding of said products within the meaning of
section two hundred one of this chapter.