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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Care and feed of cows, and care and keeping of milk
Agriculture & Markets (AGM) CHAPTER 69, ARTICLE 4
§ 47. Care and feed of cows, and care and keeping of milk. No person
shall keep cows, for the production of milk for market or for sale or
exchange, or for manufacturing the milk or cream from the same into any
article of food, in a crowded or unhealthy condition or in unhealthful
or unsanitary surroundings and no person shall keep such cows or the
product therefrom in such condition or surroundings or in such places as
shall cause or tend to cause the produce from such cows to be in an
unclean, unhealthful or diseased condition, if the produce from such
cows is to be sold, offered or exposed for sale upon the markets for
consumption or to be manufactured into any food product, nor shall such
cows or the produce therefrom be handled or cared for by any person
suffering with or affected by an infectious or contagious disease, nor
shall any such cows be fed on any substance that is in a state of
putrefaction or fermentation, or upon any food that is unhealthful or
that produces or may produce impure, unhealthful, diseased or
unwholesome milk. But this section shall not be construed to prohibit
the feeding of ensilage.

No person having milk in his possession for the purpose of selling the
same for consumption as such or for manufacturing the same into butter,
cheese, evaporated or condensed milk or other food shall keep the same
in utensils, cans, vessels, rooms or buildings that are unclean or have
insanitary surroundings or drainage or in any condition whatsoever that
would tend to produce or promote conditions favorable to unhealthfulness
or disease. The commissioner shall notify all persons violating this
section to clean said utensils, cans, vessels, rooms or buildings or to
so improve the sanitary conditions that the foregoing provisions will
not be violated; and if such notice is complied with within ten days no
presecution, civil or criminal, for a violation of this section shall be