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Agriculture & Markets (AGM) CHAPTER 69

Section 350. Definitions.

351. Prohibition of animal fighting.

353. Overdriving, torturing and injuring animals; failing to

provide proper sustenance.

353-a. Aggravated cruelty to animals.

353-b. Appropriate shelter for dogs left outdoors.

353-c. Electrocution of fur-bearing animals prohibited.

353-d. Confinement of companion animals in vehicles: extreme


353-e. Companion animal grooming facilities; prohibited


353-f. Companion animal piercing and tattooing prohibited.

354. Sale of baby chicks and baby rabbits.

355. Abandonment of animals.

356. Failure to provide proper food and drink to impounded


357. Selling or offering to sell or exposing diseased animal.

358. Selling disabled Equidae.

358-a. Live animals as prizes prohibited.

359. Carrying animal in a cruel manner.

359-a. Transportation of horses.

360. Poisoning or attempting to poison animals.

361. Interference with or injury to certain domestic animals.

362. Throwing substance injurious to animals in public place.

363. Unauthorized possession of dogs presumptive evidence of


364. Running horses on highway.

365. Clipping or cutting the ears of dogs.

366. Companion animal stealing.

366-a. Removing, seizing or transporting dogs for research


367. Leaving state to avoid provisions of this article.

368. Operating upon tails of horses unlawful.

369. Interference with officers.

370. Protection of the public from attack by wild animals and


371. Powers of peace officers.

372. Issuance of warrants upon complaint.

373. Seizure of animals lost, strayed, homeless, abandoned or

improperly confined or kept.

374. Humane destruction or other disposition of animals lost,

strayed, homeless, abandoned or improperly confined or


375. Officer may take possession of animals or implements used

in fights among animals.

376. Disposition of animals or implements used in fights among


377. Disposal of dead animals.

377-a. Spaying and neutering of dogs and cats.

378. Unlawful tampering with animal research.

379. Prohibition of the selling of fur, hair, skin or flesh of

a dog or cat.

380. Use of elephants in entertainment acts.

380*2. Examination of seized animals or animals taken possession


381. Prohibition of the declawing of cats.

382. Prohibition of the slaughter of race horses and race

horse breeding stock.

384. Special provisions related to the importation of dogs and

cats into the state for sale, resale or adoption.

385. Prohibition of slaughtering horses for human or animal