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This entry was published on 2018-04-27
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Examination of seized animals or animals taken possession of
Agriculture & Markets (AGM) CHAPTER 69, ARTICLE 26
* § 380. Examination of seized animals or animals taken possession of.
1. Consistent with the provisions of section one hundred seventeen of
this chapter and sections three hundred seventy-three and three hundred
seventy-four of this article, no later than twenty-four hours, or as
soon as practicable, after a companion animal that is a dog or a cat has
been seized or taken possession of, except for such animals that have
been surrendered by the owner, by any dog control officer, animal
control officer or peace officer acting pursuant to his or her special
duties, or police officer in the employ of or under contract with a
municipality, or any duly incorporated society for the prevention of
cruelty to animals, duly incorporated humane society, pound or shelter
that is operated by or under contract to a municipality, such officer,
society, pound or shelter shall take steps to:

(a) Check such animal for all forms of identification, including, but
not limited to, tags, microchips, tattoos or licenses; and

(b) If practicable and if the necessary technology and equipment are
available, for the purposes of this paragraph, make available to the
public on the internet on a website or social media maintained by or
otherwise made available to such officer, society, pound or shelter by
the municipal or county government in which such officer, society, pound
or shelter is located, a photograph, and a general description of the
animal to assist the owner or owners in finding the animal, including
the breed or breeds, if known. Information about the animal may be
withheld if deemed appropriate to facilitate finding the owner or
otherwise protect the safety of the animal. The notice required by this
paragraph may be made by means other than the internet if use of the
internet is impracticable.

2. No later than twenty-four hours or as soon as practicable after the
seizure or taking possession of such animal potentially identifiable by
a form of identification, including a license, tag, tattoo or microchip,
or records or reports that are readily available of animals reported to
be lost, reasonable efforts shall be made to identify and provide actual
notice to the owner of the animal by any means reasonably calculated to
provide actual notice to the owner.

* NB There are 2 § 380's