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Milk Control
Agriculture & Markets (AGM) CHAPTER 69

Section 252. Division of milk control.

253. Definitions.

254. General powers.

254-a. Milk marketing advisory council.

255. Rules and orders.

256. Entry, inspection and investigation.

256-a. Audits of books and accounts of milk dealers and


256-b. Accounting of milk dealers and cooperatives to producers.

257. Licenses to milk dealers.

257-a. Transportation and storage of milk.

258. Application for license.

258-a. License fees.

258-b. Prompt payment for milk purchases; security funds;

bonding of milk dealers.

258-c. Granting and revoking licenses.

258-d. Proceedings to review.

258-e. Violations; remedies.

258-f. Records.

258-g. Reports.

258-j. Construction, exceptions and limitations.

258-k. Declaration of policy.

258-l. Producers' bargaining agencies and distributors'

bargaining agencies.

258-m. Orders fixing prices for milk and marketing agreements.

258-n. Interstate and federal compacts.

258-o. (Enacted without section heading).

258-p. Declaration of policy.

258-q. Action for a uniform northeast market.

258-r. Actions to eliminate trade barriers.