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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Agriculture & Markets (AGM) CHAPTER 69, ARTICLE 21
§ 258-f. Records. The commissioner may require milk dealers to keep
the following records:

(a) A record of all milk received, detailed as to location, and as to
names and addresses of suppliers, with butterfat test, pounds of
protein, butterfat, other solids and solids not fat, prices paid,
deductions or charges made.

(b) A record of all milk sold classified as to grade, location and
market outlet and size and style of container, with prices and amounts
received therefor.

(c) A record of quantities and prices of milk sold.

(d) A record of the quantity of each milk product manufactured and
quantity of milk and/or cream used in the manufacture of each product.
Also the quantity and value of milk products sold.

(e) A record of wastage or loss of milk or butter fat.

(f) A record of the items of the spread or handling expense and profit
or loss, represented by the difference between the price paid and the
price received for all milk.

(g) A record of all other transactions affecting the assets,
liabilities, or net worth of the licensee.

(h) Such other records, and information as the commissioner may deem
necessary for the proper enforcement of this article.