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This entry was published on 2015-04-24
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Tonnage fees and reports
Agriculture & Markets (AGM) CHAPTER 69, ARTICLE 8
§ 133-a. Tonnage fees and reports. 1. Any person who distributes in
this state any feed ingredient or commercial feed, except a pet food or
specialty pet food, shall pay to the commissioner a tonnage fee at the
rate of ten cents per ton for each ingredient or feed distributed,
subject to the following:

(a) No fee shall be paid on a feed ingredient or commercial feed if
payment has been made for the particular ingredient or feed by a
previous distributor;

(b) No fee shall be paid on a customer-formula feed if the tonnage fee
has been paid on the commercial feeds which are used as ingredients

(c) No fee shall be paid by any person for any year in which such
person distributed less than one hundred tons of feed ingredients and
commercial feeds in this state.

2. Each person who is liable for the payment of a tonnage fee shall
file with the commissioner, within thirty days of December thirty-first
of each year, a statement setting forth the number of tons of feed
ingredients and commercial feeds distributed by such person in the state
during the preceding twelve month period. Upon filing such statement,
such person shall pay the tonnage fee at the rate set forth in this