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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Label or accompanying statement and weigh slip
Agriculture & Markets (AGM) CHAPTER 69, ARTICLE 9-A
§ 142-cc. Label or accompanying statement and weigh slip. No
agricultural liming material shall be sold, offered, or exposed for
sale, bartered, given or otherwise supplied in this state unless there
shall be affixed to each package in a conspicuous place on the outside
thereof a plainly printed, stamped or otherwise marked label, tag or
statement or in the case of bulk sales or transfers there shall be
provided a certified weigh slip plainly printed, stamped or otherwise
marked, which shall certify as follows:

1. The name, principal office address and plant location of the
manufacturer, producer or distributor.

2. The identification of the product as to the type of liming

3. The brand under which it is sold or supplied.

4. A statement expressing the minimum total neutralizing value stated
as calcium carbonate equivalence and the minimum fineness, at time of

5. The net weight of the material.

6. The kind and amount of adulterant or foreign material therein, if
any, expressed by weight of the material.

7. In the case of any material which has been damaged, hydrated,
adulterated or otherwise changed subsequent to the original packaging,
labelling, or loading thereof and before delivery to the consumer, a
plainly marked notice to that effect shall be affixed by the vendor to
the package or accompanying statement, such notice to identify the kind
and degree of such damage, hydration, adulteration or other change

8. A guarantee of the calcium and magnesium content expressed as a
percentage by weight of each such element.

9. For agricultural liming material sold in bulk, a guarantee of the
percentage of its effective neutralizing value, as determined in
accordance with regulations adopted by the commissioner. Such value
shall also be expressed separately as the weight of such bulk material
necessary to equal one ton of agricultural liming material having an
effective neutralizing value of one hundred percent.

At every site, from which agricultural liming products are delivered
in bulk, and at every place where consumer orders for bulk deliveries
are placed, there shall be conspicuously posted a copy of the statement
required by this section for each brand of material.