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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Adulteration and sale of turpentine; notification of purchaser
Agriculture & Markets (AGM) CHAPTER 69, ARTICLE 12
§ 152. Adulteration and sale of turpentine; notification of purchaser.
No person shall manufacture, mix for sale, sell or offer for sale under
the name of turpentine, spirits of turpentine, or wood turpentine or any
compounding of the word turpentine, or under any name or device
illustrating or suggesting turpentine or spirits of turpentine, any
article which is not wholly distilled or derived from resin, crude
turpentine gum, or scrapings from pine trees, and unmixed and
unadulterated with oil, benzine or any other substance of any kind
whatever, unless the package containing the same shall be stenciled or
marked, with legible black letters in the English language not less than
two inches high and one inch in width, "adulterated spirits of
turpentine." Nor shall any person, firm or corporation sell or deliver
such adulterated spirits of turpentine without informing the purchaser
at the time of sale that the article is not pure spirits of turpentine,
and the invoice shall accordingly read, "adulterated spirits of
turpentine." Every container in which such mixed or adulterated spirits
of turpentine is contained shall, in addition to the labeling before
memtioned, be marked or stenciled in legible black letters in the
English language, with the percentage of adulterant or adulterants which
are contained in such mixture.