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Publicity fund
Agriculture & Markets (AGM) CHAPTER 69, ARTICLE 12-A
§ 156-i. Publicity fund. All moneys received by the commissioner from
sources other than the general fund or federal funds in the exercise of
the powers and duties set forth in subdivisions two, two-a, two-b,
two-c, five-a, eight, nine, ten, sixteen, eighteen and twenty-one of
section sixteen of this chapter and all moneys received pursuant to
section one hundred fifty-six-h of this article, including moneys
received from any source for or arising from publicity and promotional
activities, shall be transmitted to the state comptroller for deposit in
an account or accounts within the miscellaneous special revenue fund.
The commissioner may accept contributions of money to an account within
the miscellaneous special revenue fund for services to aid in publicity
work undertaken by him or her. All such moneys shall be paid out of such
fund on vouchers approved by the commissioner, after audit by and upon
the warrant of the comptroller. If a product ceases to be packed under
the state brand for a period of two consecutive years, the commissioner,
at his or her discretion, may distribute moneys remaining in the fund
and to the account of such products to the accounts of any or all
products continuing to be packed under the state brand and expend such
moneys as this section provides.