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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Making and filing of invoice
Agriculture & Markets (AGM) CHAPTER 69, ARTICLE 13-A
§ 160-e. Making and filing of invoice. Every person, other than the
producer, in selling eggs to a retailer, shall furnish to such retailer
an invoice showing the exact grade or quality of such eggs according to
the standards prescribed by the commissioner of agriculture and markets.
If any of the eggs covered by the invoice have been in cold storage, as
defined in article nineteen of this chapter, for more than thirty days,
either within or without the state, the invoice, in addition to showing
the grade or quality of such eggs, shall indicate the fact of such
storage by the use of the words "cold storage" or "refrigerator." A copy
of such invoice shall be kept on file by the person selling and the
retailer at their respective places of business for a period of sixty
days, and shall be available and open for inspection at all reasonable
times by the state department of agriculture and markets.