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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Agriculture & Markets (AGM) CHAPTER 69, ARTICLE 14
§ 163-a. Application. Any nursery grower or nursery dealer, except
those nursery dealers selling, transporting, or handling for sale or
otherwise disposing of nursery stock, exclusively consisting of indoor
plants, at a retail level, desiring to sell, or selling, or handling for
sale, or otherwise disposing of nursery stock in this state shall make
application in writing to the commissioner upon a form prescribed by the
commissioner. The application shall be accompanied by a fee of one
hundred dollars for a registration effective for two years from the date
of issuance. The commissioner may exempt from the payment of such fees
agencies or authorities of the state; county, city, town, or village
governments; or other entities providing benefit to the general public,
including but not limited to, botanical gardens.