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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Agriculture & Markets (AGM) CHAPTER 69, ARTICLE 17-B
§ 217. Definitions. (a) The term "food salvager" as used in this
article, means a person engaged in the business of reconditioning,
labeling, relabeling, packing, repacking, sorting, cleaning, culling, or
by other means salvaging food or food products, single service food
containers and utensils, soda straws, paper napkins or any product of a
similar nature that may have become damaged, contaminated, adulterated
or misbranded as a result of fire, flood, transit wreck, accident or
other cause, or by water, smoke, chemicals, or any other adulterating
agents. The term food salvager shall not include a person who collects
donated farm salvage from lands owned, occupied or leased by such person
with the intent to donate such farm salvage to a charitable
not-for-profit organization provided that such salvage is in fact so
donated. A person who manufactures animal feed or an animal feed
ingredient from food products in a facility registered pursuant to
section one hundred twenty-nine of this chapter shall not be considered
a food salvager based on such activity.

(b) "Donated farm salvage" shall mean an agricultural crop that is
unharvested, surplus or unmarketable but otherwise nutritious and