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Publication of department bulletins, publications and reports
Agriculture & Markets (AGM) CHAPTER 69, ARTICLE 2
§ 24. Publication of department bulletins, publications and reports.
There may be published by the department from time to time bulletins or
other publications and reports containing accurate data, statistics and

1. As to agriculture, agricultural production, agricultural labor and
the agricultural conditions of the state, and the development and
improvement thereof, with a view of increasing farm production and

2. As to the sources, supply and prices of foods, their storage and
accumulation at different places, and the quantities and location of the
available supply thereof;

3. As to the market prices of foods;

4. As to facilities afforded for transportation, marketing and
distribution of foods within the state;

5. As to matters pertaining generally to the production of foods, the
actual food value of articles used as foods, and the sale and
distribution thereof to the consumers, which in the opinion of the
commissioner will prove valuable or of interest to the public;

6. As to investigations, hearings and inquiries conducted as provided
in this chapter, the conclusions reached as to the matters involved
therein, and the orders and recommendations made as a result thereof;

7. As to any other matter which the commissioner deems proper.

Such bulletins, publications and reports and the information contained
therein shall be published and distributed in the manner deemed best by
the commissioner for the dissemination of knowledge as to the
agricultural and dairy interests of the state and the production, sale,
purchase, storage, marketing and distribution of foods, and the economic
and food value of articles used as food. The cost of publishing such
bulletins, publications and reports shall be paid in the same manner as
other expenses of the department out of appropriations made therefor.
Copies of the bulletins, publication and reports of the department may
also be sold to the public at the estimated cost thereof, in accordance
with a schedule of charges which the commissioner is hereby authorized
to adopt.