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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Agriculture & Markets (AGM) CHAPTER 69, ARTICLE 20-C
§ 251-z-2. Definitions. 1. The terms "food" and "food products" shall
include all articles of food, drink, confectionery or condiment, whether
simple, mixed or compound, used or intended for use by man and shall
also include all substances or ingredients to be added to food for any

2. "Person" shall mean any individual, corporation, partnership,
association or other organized group of persons, or any business entity
by whatever name designated and whether or not incorporated.

3. The term "food processing establishment" means any place which
receives food or food products for the purpose of processing or
otherwise adding to the value of the product for commercial sale. It
includes, but is not limited to, bakeries, processing plants, beverage
plants and food manufactories. However, the term does not include: those
establishments that process and manufacture food or food products that
are sold exclusively at retail for consumption on the premises; those
operations which cut meat and sell such meat at retail on the premises;
bottled and bulk water facilities; those food processing establishments
which are covered by articles four, four-a, five-a, five-b, five-c,
five-d, seventeen-b, nineteen, twenty-b, and twenty-one of this chapter;
service food establishments, including vending machine commissaries,
under permit and inspection by the state department of health or by a
local health agency which maintains a program certified and approved by
the state commissioner of health; establishments under federal meat,
poultry or egg product inspection; or establishments engaged solely in
the harvesting, storage, or distribution of one or more raw agricultural
commodities which are ordinarily cleaned, prepared, treated or otherwise
processed before being marketed to the consuming public.

4. The term "processing" means processing foods in any manner, such as
by manufacturing, canning, preserving, freezing, drying, dehydrating,
juicing, pickling, baking, brining, bottling, packing, repacking,
pressing, waxing, heating or cooking, or otherwise treating food in such
a way as to create a risk that it may become adulterated if improperly

5. The term "chain store" means a food processing establishment that
is part of a network of subsidiaries, affiliates, or other member stores
under direct or indirect control of a corporation, partnership, limited
liability company, or other organized entity.