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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Granting, suspending or revoking licenses
Agriculture & Markets (AGM) CHAPTER 69, ARTICLE 20-C
§ 251-z-5. Granting, suspending or revoking licenses. The commissioner
may decline to grant a new license, may decline to renew a license, may
suspend or revoke a license already granted after due notice and
opportunity for hearing whenever he finds that:

(1) Any statement contained in an application for license is or was
false or misleading;

(2) The establishment does not have facilities or equipment sufficient
to maintain adequate sanitation for the activities conducted;

(3) The establishment is not maintained in a clean and sanitary
condition or is not operated in a sanitary or proper manner;

(4) The maintenance and operation of the establishment is such that
the product produced therein is or may be adulterated;

(5) The establishment has failed or refused to produce any records or
provide any information demanded by the commissioner reasonably related
to the administration and enforcement of this article;

(6) The applicant or licensee, or an officer, director, partner,
holder of ten per cent of the voting stock, or any other person
exercising any position of management or control has failed to comply
with any of the provisions of this chapter or rules and regulations
promulgated pursuant thereto; or

(7) Any person including the applicant or licensee, or an officer,
director, partner or any stockholder, exercising any position of
management or control has been convicted of a felony in any court of the
United States or any state or territory.

(8) A retail food store licensed under this article fails to comply
with the education requirements set forth in section two hundred
fifty-one-z-twelve of this article.