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Powers and duties of the commissioner
Agriculture & Markets (AGM) CHAPTER 69, ARTICLE 23
§ 283. Powers and duties of the commissioner. The commissioner shall
have the powers and duties to:

1. Develop and implement programs designed to facilitate direct

2. Encourage direct marketing through the cooperative selling and
buying of farm products or production supplies.

3. Provide technical or educational assistance to producers of farm
products seeking new or improved methods of direct marketing of such

4. Provide assistance to wholesale buyers and retail stores seeking to
purchase farm and food products directly from producers.

5. Provide assistance to consumer or non-profit organizations, public
or private agencies, hospitals and other health care facilities seeking
to purchase or facilitate the purchase of farm products directly from

6. Publicize and encourage participation by producers and consumers in
direct marketing programs.

7. Encourage the direct marketing of food and farm products to public
and private agencies within the state.

8. Encourage the development of direct marketing programs within areas
of the state which are identified as having poor consumer access to
reasonably priced and high quality farm products.

8-a. Encourage the development of direct marketing programs, within
areas of the state designated by the department of health as having a
high incidence of childhood obesity and to increase the consumption of
fresh fruits and vegetables to help curb the incidence of childhood

9. Conduct conferences, seminars or workshops designed to promote the
direct marketing of farm products within the state.

10. Contract, where necessary, and cooperate with other federal, state
and local governmental, private non-profit agencies, and other private
business organizations for the development, design and implementation of
any activities authorized hereunder.

11. Establish a statewide advisory council which shall provide
information to and advise the commissioner, as prescribed by him, on
policy, planning and programs.

12. Undertake any other activities which he deems necessary to
accomplish the purposes of this article.

13. Promulgate rules and regulations necessary to supplement and give
full force and effect to the provisions of this article.