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This entry was published on 2014-12-26
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Association of farmers; powers of
Agriculture & Markets (AGM) CHAPTER 69, ARTICLE 24
§ 290. Association of farmers; powers of. Any association of farmers,
residing in any neighborhood, town or county in this state, now, or
hereafter to be organized, and acting under a constitution and by-laws
adopted by themselves for their guidance, which shall be filed in the
clerk's office of such town or county and which are not inconsistent
with the laws of this state, is hereby authorized to lease and maintain
grounds and structures for the exhibition and sale of the products of
their farms or their skill, and for the instruction and recreation of
its members and visitors. Any such association shall have authority to
let, for rent, locations on their leased grounds to exhibitions,
entertainments, shopmen and persons wishing to furnish suitable
refreshments for victualing members and visitors or for storage of
personal property when property is available for such activity; to
license peddlers to sell on their grounds articles of merchandise, not
forbidden to be sold by any law of this state without license from the
state; and in the name of such association and upon the action and
direction of its officers, to sue for and collect the stipulated sums of
such rentals and licenses, and to enforce the observance of its rules
and regulations by the several members of its association. And such
association is hereby empowered to issue certificates of indebtedness in
amounts of five dollars each, providing that the whole amount shall not
exceed the sum of one thousand dollars, which they may sell at a price
not below the par value thereof, for the purpose of raising money for
the erection of buildings, or for such other improvements as may be
deemed necessary by a majority of the members of such association.