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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Declaration of legislative findings and intent
Agriculture & Markets (AGM) CHAPTER 69, ARTICLE 25-AA
§ 300. Declaration of legislative findings and intent. It is hereby
found and declared that many of the agricultural lands in New York state
are in jeopardy of being lost for any agricultural purposes. When
nonagricultural development extends into farm areas, competition for
limited land resources results. Ordinances inhibiting farming tend to
follow, farm taxes rise, and hopes for speculative gains discourage
investments in farm improvements, often leading to the idling or
conversion of potentially productive agricultural land.

The socio-economic vitality of agriculture in this state is essential
to the economic stability and growth of many local communities and the
state as a whole. It is, therefore, the declared policy of the state to
conserve, protect and encourage the development and improvement of its
agricultural land for production of food and other agricultural
products. It is also the declared policy of the state to conserve and
protect agricultural lands as valued natural and ecological resources
which provide needed open spaces for clean air sheds, as well as for
aesthetic purposes.

The constitution of the state of New York directs the legislature to
provide for the protection of agricultural lands. It is the purpose of
this article to provide a locally-initiated mechanism for the protection
and enhancement of New York state's agricultural land as a viable
segment of the local and state economies and as an economic and
environmental resource of major importance.