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This entry was published on 2015-10-02
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Municipal agricultural and farmland protection plans
Agriculture & Markets (AGM) CHAPTER 69, ARTICLE 25-AAA
§ 324-a. Municipal agricultural and farmland protection plans. 1.
Municipalities may develop agricultural and farmland protection plans,
in cooperation with cooperative extension and other organizations,
including local farmers. These plans shall include, but not be limited

(a) the location of any land or areas proposed to be protected;

(b) an analysis of the following factors concerning any areas and
lands proposed to be protected:

(i) value to the agricultural economy of the municipality;

(ii) open space value;

(iii) consequences of possible conversion; and

(iv) level of conversion pressure on the lands or areas proposed to be
protected; and

(c) a description of activities, programs and strategies, including
efforts to support the successful transfer of agricultural land from
existing owners to new owners and operators, especially new and
beginning farmers, intended to be used by the municipality to promote
continued agricultural use, which may include but not be limited to
revisions to the municipality's comprehensive plan pursuant to section
two hundred seventy-two-a of the town law or section 7-722 of the
village law as appropriate.

2. The municipality shall conduct at least one public hearing for
public input regarding such agricultural and farmland protection plan,
and shall thereafter submit such plan to the municipal legislative body
and the county agricultural farmland protection board for approval.

3. The municipal agricultural and farmland protection plan must be
submitted by the municipality to the commissioner for approval.