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This entry was published on 2022-12-23
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Personnel training requirements
Agriculture & Markets (AGM) CHAPTER 69, ARTICLE 26-C
* § 422. Personnel training requirements. 1. Each animal shelter
licensed pursuant to this article shall provide training to all staff
members and volunteers having direct animal care responsibilities. Such
training shall be provided within the first sixty days of employment and
at least annually thereafter and shall be in addition to any and all
training otherwise required by federal, state, or local law or

2. Acceptable training modalities shall include, but not be limited
to, online webinars, on-site lectures or seminars, off-site conferences
for animal shelter staff, or other formal training modalities as
authorized by the commissioner.

3. Training topics shall include, but not be limited to, the

(a) humane handling techniques;

(b) infectious diseases commonly found in animal shelters;

(c) zoonotic diseases;

(d) animal cruelty;

(e) sanitation procedures;

(f) body language and normal behaviors for all species regularly
handled; and

(g) required documentation and data entry.

4. Complete documentation of training sessions shall be maintained for
a period of not less than three years from the date of training
completion. Such documentation shall include, but not be limited to, the

(a) the date of training delivery and the date of completion;

(b) the topic or topics of the training session; and

(c) the provider of the training and a list of training course

* NB Effective December 15, 2025