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This entry was published on 2022-12-23
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Shelter management protocols
Agriculture & Markets (AGM) CHAPTER 69, ARTICLE 26-C
* § 427. Shelter management protocols. 1. Each animal shelter shall
have a clear, written, management structure that defines staff
authority, reporting structure and responsibilities, and is readily
accessible to all staff and volunteers.

2. Staffing shall be sufficient to allow adequate time, per animal,
for cleaning and daily feeding, and to meet the minimum requirements for
socialization and exercise of animals as prescribed in section four
hundred thirty of this article.

3. The total number of animals housed in an animal shelter facility or
foster home shall not exceed the number of housing units available at
the facility as required by section four hundred twenty-five of this
article; provided, however, that exceptions to the provisions of this
subdivision shall be permissible for periods not to exceed forty-five
contiguous days in the event of an animal seizure pursuant to article
twenty-six of this chapter or a natural disaster where an official
declaration of the disaster or emergency has been made.

4. All animals shall be observed daily by a manager or designee to
identify each animal's needs for care, housing and service and to ensure
that each animal has a plan to advance efficiently through the shelter.

* NB Effective December 15, 2025