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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Application of article
Agriculture & Markets (AGM) CHAPTER 69, ARTICLE 5-A
§ 96-d. Application of article. Except for the absolute prohibition
against the slaughtering or butchering of domesticated dog and
domesticated cat to create food, meat, meat by-products or meat food
products for human or animal consumption contained in this article which
shall continue to apply notwithstanding the following exclusions from
this article, the remaining provisions of this article shall not apply
to (a) any bona fide farmer who butchers his own domestic animals or
fowl on his farm exclusively for use by him and members of his household
and his non-paying guests and employees, or (b) any custom slaughterer,
(as used in this section, "custom slaughterer" means a person, firm,
corporation or association who or which operates a place or
establishment where animals are delivered by the owner thereof for
slaughter exclusively for use, in the household of such owner, by him,
and members of his household and his non-paying guests and employees,
provided, that such custom slaughterer does not engage in the business
of buying or selling any carcasses, parts of carcasses, meat or meat
products of any animal), or (c) any person who slaughters not more than
two hundred fifty turkeys or an equivalent number of birds of all other
species raised by him on his own farm during the calendar year for which
an exemption is sought (four birds of other species shall be deemed the
equivalent of one turkey), provided that such person does not engage in
buying or selling poultry products other than those produced from
poultry raised on his own farm, or (d) any person who donates, and any
charitable or not-for-profit organization that possesses, prepares or
serves game or wild game pursuant to section 11-0917 of the
environmental conservation law (and any person who processes game or
wild game on behalf of such donor).