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This entry was published on 2014-09-22
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Agriculture & Markets (AGM) CHAPTER 69, ARTICLE 5-C
§ 96-y. Definitions. As used in this article, unless otherwise
expressly stated, or unless the context or subject matter otherwise

(1) "Disposal plant" means the premises or place where bodies,
carcasses or portions thereof of dead, dying, diseased, disabled or
condemned animals or inedible meat are received and held for the purpose
of burning, processing or rendering or otherwise obtaining the hides,
skins, grease or meat therefrom in any manner whatsoever.

(2) "Processing" means any method whereby meat or meat products
derived from animals are cut, boned, mixed, blended, canned, cured or
otherwise prepared for purposes other than for human consumption.

(3) "Inedible meat" means meat and meat products derived from dead,
dying, disabled, diseased or condemned animals, and meat or meat
products, regardless of origin, which are adulterated within the meaning
of section two hundred of this chapter.

(4) "Rendering" means the method by which animal bodies, carcasses or
portions thereof, and meat or meat product are melted down and the fat
or grease extracted therefrom.

(5) "Decharacterization" means the uniform application of sufficient
quantities of dye, charcoal, malodorous fish oil, acid, or any other
agent approved by the commissioner upon and into the freely slashed
flesh of meat or meat product not being rendered so as to unequivocally
preclude its use for human food.

(6) "Transportation service" means the operation within the state of a
vehicle or vehicles by a person not otherwise licensed to operate a
disposal plant, for the purpose of transporting for hire unprocessed
animal bodies, carcasses or portions thereof, and meat or meat products
which are not intended for eventual use for human consumption.

(7) "Vehicle" means a conveyance or any piece of equipment whatsoever
used in transportation service.

(8) "Animal" means any animal, domestic or feral, or any domesticated

(9) "Dead animal" means an animal that has died otherwise than by

(10) "Meat" means the entire bodies, carcasses or portions thereof of
animals or birds.

(11) "Meat product" means any product which is made or derived wholly
or in part from the body, carcass or portions thereof of animals or